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2023 LIBBA Labor Day Weekend Fishing Contest

Contest Rules:

1.    The contest starts at 6 pm Friday (Sept 1, 2023) and ends 12 noon Monday (Sept 4,


2.     All entries will be done by posting a photo of the fish on Facebook with your LIBBA

member number and the “color of the day.”  All entries must have a LIBBA number

on the Facebook post.

3.    If you are not on Facebook you can submit a fish by sending it to LIBBA President

Cooky at 516.859.5266 or email at libbapresident@gmail.com.

4.    This is a surf fishing only contest. All Long Island beaches are inbounds, from the east

side of the East River to Montauk and Orient Points.  


6.     You may only have 1 fish entered per day, but may change your fish once each day.

All posts must have a LIBBA number.

7.    The “color of the day” will be posted on Facebook at 6 pm on Friday, then 9 am each

following day. You can use the previous day’s color until the new color is posted at 9

am. The color of the day can be a hat, tee shirt, a piece of paper etc.....

8.    It is open to all paid current members, their spouse/partner, children and grandchildren

under 18 years old age.  Members must have their dues paid by the Thursday

before Labor Day (Aug 30, 2023)

9.    The entered fish receiving the most votes on Facebook will win the category it is

submitted in.

10. Categories are:

  • Member
  • Member’s spouse or partner
  • Member’s child/grandchild under 18 years of age

11. Voting ends Monday at 6 pm. Each member may only submit one (1) vote in each

category and or post.  To be able to vote you'll need to join Facebook. 

12. A separate award will be given to a member with the largest released striped bass

over 35”.

13. Prizes will be gift cards for Long Island tackle shops as purchased by LIBBA. Or if you

prefer, the equivalent in LIBBA merchandise as follows:

14. Prizes - $100 gift card (or $125 LIBBA merchandise) for adult categories and $50 gift

card (or $75 LIBBA merchandise) for child/grandchild category.

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