Long Island Beach Buggy Association
                           "Keepers of the Beach"

*Since 1958*    * Conservation * Ecology * Beach Access * 

Mission Statement

To preserve beach access for mobile surf fishing and to conserve coastal and marine resources. Through collaborative community support, our services will enhance the general welfare of our community based beaches. By providing adequate coverage, we will protect the resources throughout the entire beach community. Our primary goal is to allow free access to the longstanding residents. Our efforts are guided by the following goals.

  • To preserve coastal resources.
  • To provide economic, educational and social benefits to our residents.
  • To develop methods and procedures that maximizes full inclusion of the protection of the mobile fisherman's rights.
  • To decrease the abuse of dunes, tidal areas and vegetated sections of the beach.
  • To protect and enhance the aquatic communities through marine conservation.

To join in a formal organization all persons interested in the preservation of natural beach resources whether privately owned, or property of local, state or federal government;

To promote a closer relationship among all owners of sport fishing vehicles and surf fishermen;

To work as an instrument to create better public relations between the sportsmen, the public, and local, state or federal government to secure acceptance of certain rules which will benefit the sport of beach travel and salt water fishing now and for future generations;

To encourage members to adhere to our LIBBA Association's Code of Ethics which stresses conservation, safety and courtesy;

To obey the laws of the municipality, county, state and the nation, in pursuit of the sport;

To work to secure needed legislation or reform in the public interest;

To encourage and promote good sportsmanship and to uphold conservation laws;

To engage in studies and disseminate information relating to marine waters, marine species and beach travel operations;

To take membership with any national or state wide council or group of councils, or association, if deemed to further the interests of the above purpose.


1. To enter and leave beaches on prescribed ways and not cross any dunes or dine line other than for emergency use.
2. To eliminate speeding and reckless driving.
3. To respect local ordinances and the rights of property owners, particularly in regards to camping.
4. To offer aid to any fisherman, buggy owner and person(s) in time of need or in trouble on the beach.
5. To respect picnicking and bathing groups by (a) avoiding them whenever possible and (b) reducing to 1st gear and proceeding slowly as close to the dune-flare as possible until cleared of the area.
6. To avoid littering the beach with trash, beer or soda cans, etc., by using trash barrels when available. When no other disposal facilities are available all refuse must be taken off the beach when leaving. 
7. To leave no dead fish or bait of any kind above the high water mark.
8. To conform to local regulations concerning the use of toilet facilities. Holding 
Tanks to be dumped only at authorized stations.
9. To avoid over crowding any one area and elbowing other fisherman out of their chosen spots. This is particularly important where surf men without buggies are concentrated.
10. To leave the track when a halt is made so that other buggies will not be forced to detour.
11. To fill holes after getting stuck and to avoid indiscriminately crisscrossing Tracks.
12. To observe the rules of common courtesy on the beach: to back close to the dune flare- line when not fishing during the normal months.
13. To simplify passing of vehicles meeting head on while in a single track: the driver who has the ocean or equivalent on his left will be required to turn out of the track. All four wheel drive vehicles are to yield to all other types. This rule should be tempered by common sense during difficult situations or circumstances.
14. To display in a legible and conspicuous manner your LIBBA registration and number at all times when traveling on the beach.
15. To respect and abide by the direction and guidance of the courtesy Patrol, Civil Authorities and/ or policing agencies. 
16. To report violations and misdemeanors to your courtesy patrol, civil authorities and or policing agencies.
17. To offer transportation on the beach to any confide law enforcement agency when required.
18. To equip your beach buggy with Air pressure gauge , Air pump, Jack, Jack board, Lug wrench, Shovel, Tow line or chain, Flashlight, Red flare, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit,

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