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LIBBA Fishing Contest

  • October 20, 2023
  • 5:00 PM
  • October 22, 2023
  • 12:00 PM
  • Democrat Point

Registration is closed

Contest Guidelines

Weight slips entered on-line must be submitted as a photo or scanned and emailed to LIBBAFishingContests@gmail.com, or text message to 917-863-2167 BY 12:00pm SUNDAY Oct 22, 2023.

Fish may also be entered directly on the LIBBA online weight slip found on the LIBBA.com website

1. This is a striped bass and bluefish contest.

2. There will be prizes for the following categories:

  • 1st Striped Bass entered 10 pounds or greater

  • 1st Bluefish entered 5 pounds or greater

  • Largest Striped Bass entered

  • Largest Bluefish entered

  • Last Striped Bass caught 10 pounds or greater

  • Last Bluefish caught 5 pounds or greater 

3. To enter a fish, you must be a current dues paid member.

4. Entered fish MUST witnessed by another angler, or weighed by LIBBA contest weigh mast. 

Non LIBBA members will be contacted to verify your catch. Fish that cannot be verified will be excluded from the contest so Fish with a friend

5. All entries must be on a LIBBA WEIGHT SLIP and filled out completely. Your name and LIBBA # and the name, phone number and email of the person witnessing the fish must be clearly legible. There will be LIBBA Weigh Masters located near the Jetty during this contest.  All fish entered MUST be witnessed by another angler, or weighed in by LIBBA Weigh Master.

6. You may also enter your fish directly at

a.     https://forms.gle/qkuxZMawpCMUSmbS7

b.    Use the QR code on the LIBBA website,

c.     Submit your weight slips as a photo, or scanned, and emailed it to

LIBBAFishingContests@gmail.com, or text message to 917-863-2167

The deadline to enter fish is 12:00pm SUNDAY October 22, 2023.

7. Minimum weight for bluefish is 5 lbs.

8. Minimum size for striped bass is 28 inches, or 10 lbs.  All striped bass 31" or more must be released as per regulations.

9. A bluefish entered must be ½ pound or heavier to replace an existing prize contender. An entry less than ½ pound heavier shall be deemed a tie.

10. A striped bass entered must be ½ pound or heavier to replace an existing prize contender. An entry less than ½ a pound heavier shall be deemed a tie.

11. In the event of a tie, the entry weighed in first will receive the higher place prize.

12. All fish must be hooked and landed from the beach, jetty, surf, bank or pier within the state contest’s boundaries.

13. Fish may be gutted at discretion of the LIBBA Weigh Master.

14. The LIBBA Fishing Contest Chairman reserves the right to be solely responsible for judging. In case of disputed entries, the LIBBA Board of Directors reserves the right to disqualify entries.


If you have questions, please contact Al at AlScardino@ymail.com

Al Scardino
Fishing Contest Chairman

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