Long Island Beach Buggy Association
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LIBBA Member Plate Request

If you would like to receive a Replacement or Duplicate LIBBA Member License Plate, please send an email to:

To: Pete Brower at: pjsquidder391@gmail.com

CC: Jerry Estelle at: jerryestelle@yahoo.com

Please provide:

Your Full Name

LIBBA Member Number

Explanation of what you need

Each additional LIBBA Plate (one LIBBA Plate is included with each new membership) will cost $5.00 and postage is $3.

If you would like 2 plates, and have it mailed, it will cost $5+$5+$3 = $13.

If you can make arrangements to see any LIBBA Director to have the plate(s) hand delivered, there will be no postage delivery cost. (2 plates will cost $10.)

If you would like to pay with PayPal, you may initiate the payment process through paypal with payment to LIBBA.

You may also make your payment via USPS to LIBBA PO Box.  Check should be made out to LIBBA.

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